Columbia University Barnard College

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Dr. Alice Heicklen
Program Director, Columbia

Dr. Jennifer Mansfield
Program Director, Barnard

Ms. Chanda Springer
Program Assistant

(212) 854-2262

May 27 - August 1, 2014

Columbia University Barnard College

Through the generous support of the Amgen Foundation, Columbia University and Barnard College offer a summer research program to a select group of motivated undergraduate students who will benefit from the opportunity of hands-on laboratory research. This is a chance to experience the joys of discovering something completely new, while learning to overcome the challenges inherent in scientific research.

This fellowship aims to teach the next generation of scientists the tricks of the trade to performing cutting-edge research. This involves 10 weeks of hands on research in premier labs, weekly laboratory meetings, the development of the tools to explain the research carried out to a broad spectrum of audiences, informal discussion with premier scientists, preparation for graduate school, exposure to biotechnology and attendance at the Amgen Scholars Program Symposium.  Efforts to teach young scientists to fully understand the work they are doing and to be able to explain this work to others in different subfields is frequently neglected but needs to be taught if we are going to improve the general public’s understanding of science. Students present orally to their peers and write an original research article.

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Chanda Springer