Stanford University

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Terrance Mayes
Assistant Dean of Graduate Education

Samar Fahmy
Program Manager
(650) 725-8791

Tom Wandless, PhD
Faculty Director
Associate Professor, Chemical and Systems Biology

June 21 - August 23, 2014

Stanford University

The Amgen Scholars Program at Stanford University is the centerpiece of the Stanford Summer Research Program. This program is an eight-week residential scientific internship program.

Amgen Scholars are matched with Stanford’s distinguished faculty to work in one of Stanford’s state-of-the-art research facilities. Each scholar works with a lab mentor (a post-doctoral fellow or advanced graduate student) and a professor to craft an individual research project. The research projects are rigorous, interesting and feasible within the time frame of the summer program.
Scholars are mentored by additional Stanford faculty and administrative leaders through meetings, social gatherings, seminars, workshops and weekend excursions to beautiful areas of Northern California.
Amgen Scholars present a poster of their research projects at a symposium at Stanford.
Stanford Summer Research Program/Amgen Scholar Program participants are winning awards at national research meetings. Most important, a significant number subsequently gain admission to the top-ranked Ph.D. and M.D. programs, including the 13 Ph.D. programs within Stanford Biosciences.
The primary goal of the Amgen Scholars Program at Stanford is to attract, train and mentor undergraduates who have extraordinary potential for excellence in scientific research in the biomedical sciences.
Amgen Scholars are exposed to a stimulating scientific environment and highly supportive scientific community.

We have high expectations of Amgen Scholars, and our faculty and administrative leaders are strongly committed to helping them achieve their professional goals. We anticipate that Amgen Scholars will enter and succeed in the finest graduate and medical science programs and ultimately become leaders in their field.